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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dang, Drat and Shoot!

After I finished the last post, I took a nice admiring look at the shawl. And didn't like what I saw.

I think the pattern on this side of the lace panel should have been a k3 tog, rather than a sl-k2 tog-psso. Of course it took me several rows before I came to this conclusion.

After sitting and meditating my options of:
A) Continuing as written and saying "It's supposed to look like that!"
B) Tinking 8 rows of close to 2,000 stitches each
C) Tearing out the 8 rows in that area,
correcting the mistake and knitting the panels again.

I chose C. I think I've done about 10 of the 36 repeats. This may take a while.


Wendelene's Little Sister said...

We all love your blog! We love you too! We can almost hear you singing "Goodnight Sophie." A google kisses! ("Moo!" from Sarah)

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the hint! I have put this project down but have gotten the itch to pick it back up recently. You might have been that last little push I needed. :)