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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Knitting With a Good Book

There's nothing I like better than having a good audio book to listen to while I knit. While I have perfected the art of knitting and reading together - as long as it's a fairly simple pattern- nothing makes lace grow like some nice person (preferably with a British accent) reading me a story.

Thursday I read that two of The Yarn Harlot's books were available at Audible. I rushed right over and decided to splurge and just buy them rather than wait for my monthly subscription credit. Definitely a good idea. Stephanie does the reading, and while she may think she sounds like a chipmunk, I beg to differ. I knit and laughed and every time she began the sentence "You know you knit too much when...." I had to brace myself because at least half the time I had to say "Been there!" Buy the time the first book was done, I had finished more than two rows of the never ending shawl border.

A border progress shot

and a better shot of the main body

Both the camera and photographing knitwork are new to me, so forgive the learning curve.

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