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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Following the Leader

Along with what feels like most of the knitting world, I started Mystery Stole 3 . This is my first attempt at bead knitting and I'm enjoying it, although I think I should have gone for a little more contrast in bead color. I wanted to keep it subtle, but I think I may have gone a little too far. Opinions please.

Also, if you notice the subtitle of this blog, I claim that I knit, spin and weave! I figured it was time to show off a little weaving. I haven't actually been doing much weaving or spinning lately, I seem to go through stages on my hobbies. But I have been working on what I hope will be a nice roman shade for my bedroom. (my weaving so far only incorporates flat items) This is the first panel.
So far I'm liking it, panel 2 has been wound off and may possibly hit the loom this weekend.

And finally something strange is happening in my backyard. My Christmas poinsettias refuse to give up. Most of the red leaves are gone, but they are growing and evidently thriving. Any gardening type people out there know what to do to get them blooming again?

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