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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Much Thankfullness

Yes! The Mediterranean Lace Shawl is done. I started it at the end of May '06, but didn't touch it for about 6 months solid after Paul died. I picked it up again and it went like gangbusters for a month or two then I hit the border. When the number of stitches in a row numbers over 1,000, things just don't go fast. Add to that the ripping back of all those wrong leaning decreases, and I'm pretty amazed at my speed.

I blocked on Thanksgiving Day while watching my first Packer game this season. It's such a joy to see them playing this well! And Sophie picked up a new phrase. All Thursday night she kept yelling "go! go! go!" I tried to get it on tape, but as soon as I pull out the recorder, she shuts up.

My other FO is Peacock Plumes from I made this for my Singers of Summerville performances. It turned out very nice. I made both the body and sleeves a bit longer. I wanted more of a jacket length. I added one extra pattern repeat on the body and I can't remember how much on the sleeves. If there's one thing I dislike, it's too sleeves that are too short. The pattern says to just make the cuffs deeper to adjust sleeve length, but I was adding a couple inches so that would have looked a little ridiculous. I think I added two pattern repeats and the sleeves are just a tad long, but look great when I'm holding my music up. Definitely a success.

So after watching the game and blocking the shawl, it was time for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't really want to go to friends and get into a big family type thing this year, I think it'll be a few years before I stop associating Thanksgiving with Paul's death, so I bought a nice roasting chicken and experimented with twice baked potatos. For me, this was a major cooking experience. It all came out very nice. I set the table with my nice blue dishes, lit a candle, put on some nice music and enjoyed my meal.
And Sophie got a plate too. I find it vaguely cannibalistic, but she loves chicken...and corn.
The girls got some chicken too. Hmm, considering I call them the Hairy Chickens, maybe that was cannibalistic too. Oh well, they gulped it down in a flash then ran back into their house. Lately they've been hiding in the house or under the swing a lot. They keep rushing over when I come out, looking for protection from the horror that has invaded the yard.

I believe they're called leaves.


janine said...

THe shawl is beautiful - I will get round to knitting that one - one day :-)
I'm glad you managed to have a good Thanksgiving,IT is always difficult when a holiday has tragic memories...

Danielle said...

The Shawl looks smashing the color and pattern so very lovely.