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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Progress - of a sort

Yes, I am still here. Why does it seem that as soon as I began this blog, my life suddenly became too busy to write about? Of course it doesn't help that most of what I'm doing is not overly exciting. Choir rehearsals, board meetings for choir and fiber guild, and trying to reorganize my house.

For the past 25 years, I've moved on an average of once every 2 years. I've been in my house 2.5 years. To satisfy my need for change, I'm rearranging pretty much all my furniture. The big move was getting the computer out of the loom room and into my very own home office/library.
Of course the title is bigger than the room. I have a very small bedroom (not even large enough to hold a double bed) that is now the office. I've "rescued" a nice desk and am putting up lots of shelves to hold my large paperback collection. I've also gotten my hands on some recycled bookcases (yes, I'm cheap, why do you ask?) that I'm going to use in the loom room to help get the stash under control. However, progress is slow. I have the office fairly well under control. One shelf up, new widescreen monitor, more shelves waiting the next trip to Lowe's for screws.

And here's the disaster. Any wonder I haven't accomplished much weaving lately?

Next week is Spinners and Weavers week. Go out and hug your favorite fiber person!!

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